Why siblings are preferred over everybody else?

Why siblings are preferred over everybody else
Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Siblings are the free entertainers for lifetime. They might get on our nerve for a moment, whereas in the other they can be our truest friend. They stand by our side before anyone else, they are our first and foremost best friends. You have got each other’s back in the matter of joy, sorrow, trouble and mischief. They add delight and colour to otherwise monotonous life. Siblings might fight with you every now and then, but they will always fight for you, if you are in trouble. They go out of their way to make things amazing and convenient for us. This Raksha Bandhan send them Rakhi gift combos which may include rakhi and chocolate, or rakhi and sweets online. These combos will astound them and bring them utter joy and happiness.

Thus, here is a list of reasons why siblings are preferred over everybody else:

They know you better

Your siblings have been aware of it all, everything from those terrible childhood tantrums, the awkward teenage phases, your heartbreaks, fancy new jobs and bad haircuts. They could even predict your reactions most of the times for they have known you forever.

They are always there for you

Though they might not always express their love and concern for you. But they will go beyond their limits to either protect you or to bring simile on your face in the times of utter despair. You can tell them your deepest secrets, confess all of your fears and share your inner thoughts and they will never tell another living soul.

Time flies when you are together

You’re both aware of each other’s annoying habits, yet you still would happily share a room with them again. You are used to enjoying each other’s company that you can never keep a track of time when you are together.

Can have any kind of conversations

Conversations with your siblings can never be scripted, they can be related to anything from latest Netflix show obsession to life-struggles. With them you do not have to think twice before discussing anything because you don’t give a crap about being judged.

You look upon them to seek unbiased advice

You can always approach them for support, guidance and assistance. You can close your eyes and trust them for their advice is always honest, truthful and has the best outcome in mind for you.

They always cover for you

There would be times when they would enjoy your scolding sessions but they will mostly go out of their way to back you up. When times get hard you know that they will always be there for you.

They are your unpaid therapist

There are certain things that you can’t really talk to your parents about. This is where your sibling, especially if they are older comes into good use. They could guide you, support you and can even correct you whenever you got off your track. They will always listen to you and suggest you the things that can be in your favour. They always inspire you to push your limits & be the best version of yourself.

You can be your true self in front of them

Your siblings know you extremely well and accept you for who you are. You don’t need to pretend around them.

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