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Why Money Plant called a Money Plant

Why Money plant is called Money Plant
Written by Silica Kole
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In India, money plants are frequently seen in offices, homes, and quite a few Clinics. They are symbolic of good luck and wellness. Obviously Money plant is one of the most gifted plants! The Plant is charming and is also a visual delight. It captures the attention of the guests as it grows as a long creeper. The money plant is sometimes also referred to as the Jade plant. They are quite popularly purchased for their good luck value and aesthetics. The money plant yields positivity, good luck, and financial prosperity. Isn’t it intriguing how a small creeper can be of such great value?  Why is it so?

Why is it called a money plant?

There is a riveting tale about the money plant that makes it so special. If closely observed, the round, plump, flat leaves of the money plant resemble the shape of the coin. There is another story about the origin of the money plant. It depicts the story of a poor man from Taiwan who was in a deep financial problem. He prayed to his deity in order to seek relief from his financial problems. One day he found one Plant in his garden. The Plant was a solution to his problems. The Plant started flourishing and yielding seeds, nuts, and more plants as a result of his sincere prayers, loving care, and nurturing. Then he sold these plants, which resolved his monetary crisis.

Facts about money plant

This is why people gift money plants hoping that it brings good luck and prosperity to their friends and family.

 Money Plant Placement Tips

The best place to keep the money plant is a South-East direction. This is the direction in which Lord Ganesha resides, which brings health, prosperity, and peace. It is advised not to keep the money plant in the North-East direction. It might lead to the loss of money in the house. It may also affect the health of your family members.

 As per beliefs, a money plant brings maximum benefits when grown inside the house. Couples should not keep the Plant in the East-West direction. It might lead to arguments and fights between them. Your money plant depicts your wealth. The greener the money plant, the more money you have. One should never allow the stems and leaves of the Plant to fall onto the floor; it is inauspicious.

 Tips on taking care of the Money Plant 

  •  Maintain Room Temperature
  •  Ensure that it remains root bound
  •  keep a few days gap between watering sessions, let the soil dry out a bit so that you can feel that texture
  •  Ensuring these three golden points will grow your plant greener.

Care guide of money plant

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