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Virtual Hug Day with Hugs and HappySTEMS

Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Without any doubt distance plays the key role in forming the gap between loved ones. This gap is generally built due to the lack of physical meetings and whereabouts. Due to this prevailing gap people often yearn to be around each other both in the matter of both delight and sadness. Sometimes they might even yearn to have physical contact especially on the days that celebrate love and warmth like hug day and Valentine’s Day.

Hugs are certainly an expression of love and care; these might even illustrate an affectionate bond shared by lovers. This tender gesture filled with positivity is assigned a specific day the week of love. The sixth day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as the hug day across the globe. Though this day demands the presence of loved ones yet you can go slightly off the board to convey your love to your loved ones who live miles away from you. There are plenty of ways where you can use thoughtful gestures to convey virtual hugs to your loved ones. Some of these are mentioned below:

     1. Message cards

Every little message filled with genuine feelings for your loved ones can deliver immense delight and happiness to the recipient. All you must do is add a heartfelt message to your hug day gifts for your loved ones. This message card will add a sentimental touch to your gift.

     2. Thoughtful gifts

A cheerful hug day celebration is certainly monotonous without the delivery of alluring gifts for your loved ones who live miles away from you. These hug day gifts can be selected from a huge variety of these available at the happySTEMS website. This may include unique cakes, handmade chocolates, flower arrangements, customized mugs, or cushions, and several others. Already prepared combos can even be selected as a hug day gift. Any of these hug day gifts can thoughtfully be selected based on your loved one’s choice. 

     3. A visual message

You can make a captivating effort by making either a video message for your loved ones. In this message you can convey all your love and care for your near and dear ones, along with conveying your desire to hug them. Or you can even send relatable gifs to your loved ones as a pictorial of your virtual hugs. 

    4. Blooming gifts

Among a variety of gifts, captivating flower arrangements can certainly be a thoughtful as well as beautiful hug day gift for your loved ones. As this blooming delight can efficiently convey your desired emotion to the recipient. All you must do is mindfully select flowers as a hug day gift for your loved ones.


Any of these concerned yet mindful gestures can be selected to convey your love and warmth to your near and dear ones on the occasion of Hug Day. These gestures will bring a huge smile on their face as they will feel loved and cared about. 

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