Virtual birthday celebrations even during the Pandemic

Virtual birthday celebrations even during the Pandemic
Written by Kritika Sachdev
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With the advent of Covid-19 work from home is the new normal. This is the precautionary measure that is expected to be followed even after the Pandemic ends. Just because of the practice of social distancing and quarantining at home does not mean that one cannot have little fun with their office colleagues. The employees are getting acquainted with the new culture. Just to be as a team and have the same feeling of togetherness of working towards the same goal, the companies should celebrate small or big targets of their employees, especially birthdays.

Below are some special inspirations for celebrating office birthday parties while maintaining social distancing

  • Organize a virtual party.

Birthdays are monotonous without a proper birthday celebration. Not being together in person doesn’t imply you cannot celebrate together. Thus, one can arrange a virtual birthday party with all your teammates.

  • Send blooming delights

Flowers are the generalized gifting item that are apt for the birthday celebrations. These are adored by all, as they are capable to allure anybody merely by its oozing fragrance and vibrant petal pattern.

You can choose flower delivery online to send your colleague their favourite bouquet of flowers. This unexpected delivery of mesmerizing flowers will astound them.

  • Send them a scrumptious cake

Cakes are the integral part of almost all the celebrations. You can select birthday cake order online and pick a flavour that your colleague likes the most to share the birthday love. You can choose from a plethora of delicious cakes available on the website of one of the reputed online bakeries- happySTEMS. There is a huge variety of shapes, size and designs available. You can even select eggless cake delivery if your colleague is a vegetarian.

  • Shower them with lush green beauty

Who does not love plants? These days they serve dual purpose by performing as a decorative prop as well as a brilliant oxygen supplier. You can now send a beautiful indoor plant online to your colleague as their birthday gift. Air purifying plants are even a good option as this help eliminate harmful toxins from the premises.

  • Surprise them with an online gift

Another way to wish your colleague a happy birthday is by sending them gifts. You can choose to send them a hamper or a combo available on varied online platforms. These may include flowers, chocolate, soft toys, scented candles or perfumes. The surprise gift delivery will get the birthday person excited and bring them utter joy and happiness.

Even if all your colleagues are apart, do not forget that your love and care bind you all together as a family. Thus, these ideas are the best to surprise your colleague even during the tough times.

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