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Valentine’s Month Specials

Valentine’s Month Specials
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Flowers like their Vibrant Personalities have multiple uses

Flowers are known for their beauty and grace. They make awesome standalone gifts as well as complementing gifts, when combined with other option gifts. Gift of Flowers are genderless and timeless. Flowers can truly be called the all rounders in Gifting options. But do you know Flowers have amazing other uses:

1. Dried up flowers from being kept around for too long can be tied up in a tissue bag and hung at any corner of washrooms and other rooms. Dried flowers make excellent odor absorbers and hence keep your rooms fresh. Such a natural option than those chemical options available in Markets.

2. Fresh flowers can be flattened to dried pressed shapes by keeping them inside thick books or pressing them underneath heavy flat objects. Leave them this way for a week or so. These pressed flowers when glued to canvases make unusual decoration Art.

3. Brides often ignore Flowers as Hair accessories in the midst of choosing bridal wear, jewellery, makeup & hairstyles. Fresh flowers if tastefully incorporated in your Bridal look can make you uniquely standout. The look of fresh flowers as hair accessories is a timeless look. Move over Roses and Rajnigandha, try Lilies, Carnations, Daffodils or even the little flowers named Hydrangeas  for a new take on wearing flowers in your hair.

4. Flower decoration at weddings is Timeless if done in a tasteful way. This wedding season, move over the usual, and try choosing different colors of flowers other than reds and whites.

5. Also when in doubt about what to gift at an invitation made to you at a last moment, Flowers make the perfect tokens of Emotions to show you care. 

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