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Undoubted trust on happySTEMS for delivering happiness

Undoubted trust on happySTEMS for delivering happiness
Written by Kritika Sachdev
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I remember being my brother’s most loved sister, though I am the elder one but he has never left a chance to pampered me. All our childhood we had been by each other’s side. We barely fought with each other, rather we fought with others for each other. We had a marry go lucky kind of childhood. For we played together, studies together, ate together, we basically did everything together, we were inseparable. But as we grew up, I had to move out of my town- Patiala, for better study and job opportunities. This was a drastic turning point in our lives for this was the very first time when we were parted. That was still endurable for I visited him every other weekend. Then ultimately this distance grew manifolds for he went to Toronto, Canada for his higher studies.

Ever since he went there, he never returned because of this Pandemic. It’s been over 2 Years now that I have seen him, I miss him deeply. There are even instances when we would get overwhelmed on video calls. In such situations I feel a desperate need to go and hug him for once, but the distance and circumstances between us are mighty enough to defy my urge.

In a similar moment I remembered once while scrolling Instagram I saw an advertisement of cakes and flower deliveries in Canada via happySTEMS. Then I logged into the website and was amazed to see the variety of cake, flower, and other gifts offered by this online portal. Then I ordered a bouquet of lilies, his favorite flowers. I then selected same day flower delivery for I wanted this flower delivery to reached his doorstep as soon as possible, so that these flowers can easily boost his mood. Then three hours after I confirmed my order, I received a call from him. For a change on this call, he was all happy and delighted unlike the previous one. This delight gave me a lot of satisfaction. For the flower delivery via happySTEMS brought a huge smile on my brother’s face.

Few days after this episode was his birthday. Then I relied on happySTEMS for the delivery of his favorite Oreo cake and a bouquet of lilies. This delivery has lived up to my expectation as my brother called me to thank me for the delivery of this delectable cake. Ever since I have trusted happySTEMS with the delivery of varied gifts to my brother. These gifts has helped to make my presence and love felt even if I can’t be around him.

I am super happy with the prompt flower and cake delivery to Canada via happySTEMS. This website has brought us together though virtually, as I can easily convey my unchanged love and care for him.

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