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Soothing Plants for a Good Night’s Sleep

soothing plants
Written by Silica Kole
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If you are a resident of Delhi (New Delhi, Old Delhi, Delhi NCR, “South Delhi” all included), the Air you breathe at your home is a mixture of different substances like nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. Delhi is the 10th most polluted city and most polluted capital city in the World. Delhi is mostly polluted due to the increasing vehicular population and urbanization, leading to a low air quality index. Industrialised Air has brought with it many harmful air pollutants that can serve as a slow poison to your health and do a lot of damage to your immunity. Thanks to air pollution, homes have become abodes of thriving germs and bacteria.

The World around us is losing its beauty to Concrete jungles and megastructures. People are more anxious than ever. The stress of corporate culture and the worries of their daily lives have eroded their smiles

Pure and fresh Air makes the room cooler which in turn relieves stress and assists in sleeping better and faster. It is a proven fact that the gush of wings flows over your face. It calms down the nerves, titillates you, and makes you drowsy. The same effect is obtained when you sleep in a room with fresh Air at a cooler temperature. While the calming scent of fragrant flowers reduces stress levels by pleasuring you with its aroma, which in turn relaxes you and obtains the same effect.

This is why we thoughtfully decided to start with a venture called happySTEMS that offers a range of magical Air purifying plants and Fragrant flowers that purify the Air inside your homes by absorbing volatile organic compounds and also provide you a soothing effect for a Good Night’s sleep.

While enjoying a soothing night’s sleep around the plants, they have a good effect on the human body. It is also important to be delivered a plant you can freshly plant in your room and welcome it to the fullest. We ensure that the houseplant is delivered to you on the same day as your order it.

Plants that Soothe And purify your indoor Air

Place these plants in your bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

Peace Lilly

Peace lilies are hybrid tropical flowering house plants whose flowers blossom in spring and are long-lasting. Its leaves are oval with a pointed tip. Peace lilies are best grown potted. They need a lot of filtered sunlight and moisture. Peace lilies raise the humidity of the room, thereby reducing Sinus troubles. They remove toxins such as ammonia, benzene, toluene from the Air. Their flowers are of two colors, either yellow or white. You can choose the color of your choice.


Chamomile is a flowering herb plant from the Daisy famelia. It requires very little attention; watering once a week is enough. Small white flowers with a golden center make it look cheerful and brightens your day. It has a soothing effect, and its fragrance provides a calming effect on your nerves, promoting better sleep at night. It has 4 hrs of resting time.

Golden pothos

It is a potted plant with heart-shaped leaves variegated in yellow. Golden pothos thrives on low light and little water. They need to be watered once the soil is dried. It is also called Devil’s ivy. They remove Carbon monoxide from Air. It helps alleviate the eye irritation caused due to fixating your eyes all day long to your computer screens.

English Ivy.

These are climber plants whose vines grow 15 meters or more in length when planted outdoors. When potted and kept at home as houseplants, they help alleviate asthma symptoms. It is advised that these plants be kept out of the reach of pets and children. English ivy cleanses the Air and makes it more breathable. It needs a low light and low-temperature environment to survive.


Lavender is an African herb flowering Plant that promotes good sleep. Lavender is commonly used to treat anxiety, stress, and insomnia. The linalyl acetate and linalool in lavender are absorbed into the bloodstream when infused and ignite neurotransmitters that are sedative and pain-relieving in nature.


 Just like the beauty of jasmine in Arabian nights transposes Aladdin in the kingdom of dreams. The potted flowering plant jasmine brings you sweet dreams through its fragrant flowers. It requires sunlight to flourish and should be watered only when topsoil is dried.

It alleviates stress and anxiety and has relaxing effects through its calming aroma. You can also buy loose flowers from this plant and place them in a beautiful vase. Buy plants online from Delhi. We provide plant delivery in Delhi.

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