Six Mesmeric Christmas Plants for Your Loved Ones

Six Mesmeric Christmas Plants for Your Loved Ones
Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Christmas or Festive season is all about love, care and gratitude. It is an annual event that is believed to run from late November to early January. This season is filled with the feeling of belongingness, as people often plan family get-togethers during this time. They even exchange gifts to keep the spirit of togetherness and gratitude high.

A well decorated evergreen Christmas tree is synonymous to the festive season. This brings the actual cheerful spirit during the festive season. In this festive season you can select different Christmas plants as gifts for your near and dear ones. We have provided a list of these Christmas plants below. Have a look!

  1. Poinsettia

This is a classic red flower that is associated with the Christmas vibe because its shape is symbolic to the star of Bethlehem. Poinsettia needs a lot of bright yet filtered sunlight with loamy yet well-drained soil. You can conveniently send this lively plant to a friend who is a good keeper.

  1. Christmas Cactus

This amazing plant explodes into vibrant red and pink coloured flowers along with bright green arms during the festive season. Christmas Cactus can certainly be the best gift for your near and dear one with black thumb. As this plant requires little attention. Christmas Cactus can be placed in a bright spot with a cool temperature, these even require minimal water from time to time.

  1. Frosty Fern

It is a cute little fern. Frosty fern is a wonderful plant that does not require much attention. You can place this plant at a spot with medium to low light, this plant even wants slightly moist soil. Though this delicate plant needs little attention yet it can be your best friend during the festive season. This beautiful little plant can be placed on the table tops.

  1. Rosemary

A beautiful rosemary tree is the best alternative to a classic Christmas tree. You can send this bush to a good plant parent. As rosemary requires attention and love. This plant grows best the bright sunlight, with evenly moist soil. A rosemary is indeed the best Christmas gift for your near and dear ones as this plant is known as the herb of remembrance. This plant will keep the festive spirit high along with spreading divine fragrance.

  1. Paperwhites

It is a delightful plant that creates extremely fragrant bell-shaped blooms. These white little flowers are capable of drawing attention towards themselves. Paperwhites require minimal care and attention. All you have to provide is a cool yet sunny spot, with moist soil to bloom. These pretty little flowers give the Christmassy vibes.

  1. Amaryllis

Amaryllis is a red coloured bell-shaped bloom that is gaining popularity with every passing year. This is the perfect indoor bloom for the Christmas season. Amaryllis require bright light with evenly moist soil. The bright red shades of this flower add the perfect colour for the festive season.

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