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Signs That You are a Brilliant Contemporary Father

Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Parenthood is a constant evolving act as it looks a lot different from what it was a decade ago. A contemporary dad is the one who has observed and advanced at every step and does not follow the conventional style of fatherhood. He is in a constant urge of learning new things in order to cater to his child’s demands and comfort zone, this will ultimately rupture the thin line of secrets and insecurities between the child and the father. A father’s efforts should never be in vain rather his constant support and guidance should be appreciated. This can be achieved by sending him Fathers Day flowers, you can even choose same day flower delivery, or order a cake online on this 20th June to appreciate your modern dad’s efforts.

Here are a few signs that would categorize him as a brilliant contemporary father:

  • You communicate:

A good father will always welcome and acknowledge his child’s point of view, he’ll never interrupt or scold his child for his opinion. Rather he’ll be there for the tough conversations whenever his child needs a shoulder to cry on. Good fathers always talk everything out because they believe in listening to what their children have to say. They even help their child in searching the answers to their innumerable questions.

  • He is interested in your interests:

Good parents generally show interest in their child’s likings and hobbies. They let their child follow his dreams by showing their constant support. Great fathers take time away from their own interests in favour of watching their children succeed. They even provide with endless opportunities for their children to increase their understanding and improve their imagination.

  • You always call him to share all the important news:

You are well aware of the fact that he’ll be the most appreciating and delighted person who will always support and guide you even in your smallest achievements. He would always appreciate you and have constant faith in you.

  • He is familiar with the modern slangs

A good father is aware of the life his children enjoy. He is in a constant progression of learning things that have a separate space in his child’s life, like modern day slangs. These slangs can be TTYL, FYI, LMAO, LOL, NVM, et cetera. He should not just be aware of it rather should also use them while texting. This would make you believe that your father is not an orthodox being.

  • He understands your lifestyle

A good father is well-verse with his child’s world. He is familiar with his where abouts but he never questions or restricts them, he rather supports his child in almost all his decisions but he ultimately warns him whenever his child is taking a wrong path. A good father always discusses the situation, he doesn’t enforce his decision on his child. He respects and appreciate his child’s involvement in all the decision-making process.

A dad is the solid pillar around which a child develops into a good being. If you are a good contemporary father then your child will introduce you to all his friends and even his friends will love to spend time with you. This father’s day you can surprise your dad with flower delivery in Delhi, flower delivery in Jaipur, and to PAN India.

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