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Rooftop Garden Ideas to beat the Summers Heat

rooftop garden ideas for cool summers
Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Traditionally rooftops were kept bare, they were never covered with anything which became the main cause of trapping maximum heat in the house, which ultimately led to the rise in room temperature, which demanded greater air conditioning, which increased the overall expenses. This problem has come to a standstill with the advent of rooftop gardening, which helped in overall heat absorption of the buildings because the plants doesn’t let the temperature rise over four or five degree Celsius as a result of transpiration. Thus, rooftop gardening is the easiest and cheapest way to control the heat entrapping in the house. Rooftop gardens have many additional benefits other than just its decorative purposes, i.e., they may provide with food, architectural enhancement, temperature control, and many more. You may check our rooftop gardening ideas for summer, if this excites you:

  • Herb garden

You may grow herbs that are used as spices. There are numerous herbs that have medicinal use, these herbs are used in ayurvedic treatments. These gardens will add charm to your terrace along with providing the herbs use in day-to-day cooking. These plants will ultimately reduce the temperature of the house.

  • Raised garden

These types of gardens are created in places that don’t have fertile soil. In this type of gardening plants are not directly grown on the floor rather, large containers are used, that are raised from the ground to grow the plants. You may grow everything from long shrubs to tiny planters in these.

  • Deck/ patio garden

You can always add a little bit of charm to your already set rooftop garden by adding a deck/patio extended from the house, these could be used to enjoy early morning tea in an open area surrounded by plants. Common plants generally placed in these types of gardens are air-purifying plants like jade plants, snake plants and peace lily plants.

  • Vertical garden

Succulents are the common type of plants used for vertical gardening because succulents are naturally believed to grow on cliffs or on crevices of rocks. This garden is made on wooden frames, filled with soil and then ends up filling the frame with succulents of different shapes and sizes. They do not demand much care as compared to other plants.

  • Organic garden

It is perhaps the most common type of rooftop garden. You may always transform a boring roof into a luxurious organic rooftop garden by growing different types of seasonal vegetables, these vegetables could be potentially used to feed your family.

  • Flower garden

There are innumerable types of flowers available on earth. These types of gardens are very common in Indian households, as it is a great way to add colours to your life and make your rooftop appealing and attractive from a visual perspective. You may choose from a wide variety of flowers depending upon your preference. You should always plan out before planting anything depending upon the suitable conditions required by the plant to grow.

Rooftop gardens have always been popular in urban areas, as people here don’t have big yards or gardens to practice their gardening skills. We at happySTEMS have solution of even those who love plants but they don’t have a proper space even to opt for rooftop gardening, they could anyhow order indoor plant online. We have a huge variety of plants available that could be an add-on to your already set garden. We provide not just Plant delivery in Delhi but PAN India. The sky is the limit to turn an empty and dull roof into a peaceful spot filled with varied plants arranged in a proper pattern or design.

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