Relatable sweet-sour Sibling Moments

Relatable sweet-sour Sibling Moments
Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Siblings are genuinely the unpaid therapists in our lives. They are the constant support we need in our lives, as our world revolve around them in a way or other. Though this relationship is not always a smooth relationship, because for a moment they can be all supporting as well as loving, while in the very next moment they can get on your nerves. Despite numerous conflicts and fights they have an undoubtedly irreplaceable place in our lives. As our siblings mean the word to us. Here are some of the common reasons for the heated arguments between you and your sibling.

Sibling rivalry

It is the jealousy, competition and fighting between brothers and sisters. It is a concern for almost all parents of two or more kids as this can be a result of anything like a buying stuff to the degree of independence the elder one has.

Annoyance by constant supervision

The elder siblings out of their love and care for their little bro or sis tends to look up to everything the younger one does. Be it their outings with friends, or they getting involved in any household chore. Rather, they should praise the little sibling when he acts more grown-up and give him opportunities to feel that way, such as assigning him chores he can easily complete.

Endless taunting

The elder one is generally the person who annoys. The tauntee is always outlined and is looked down upon. Thus, they put in constant effort to gain their parent’s attention and support.

Invades the privacy

There is no boundary line between siblings as there is constant exchange of stuffs. Be it moisturizer, or clothes, or shoes. There is in fact no personal space when you have a sibling around.

Fight for being the parents’ favourite kid

One of the siblings is always the parents’ favourite. Thus, there is a constant fight between the siblings to acquire that position. For the favourite kid is often surprised with their favourite food or road trip.

Elder one always criticizes and dominate

Dominating nature of the elder sibling is one of the root causes of fight between siblings. Elder one always thinks it is his responsibility to shelter the younger one while the younger think he is being dominated. Resulting in irritation and fights between them. And if the younger one doesn’t procced according to the plan of the elder one, then the latter leaves no chance to criticize their little one.

All these reasons for the fight between siblings can never overrule their unconditional love for each other. There are innumerable instances when the siblings prove to be a support system and guiding light for the other one. Be it covering up each other’s mistake, protecting the other one from scolding, et cetera. This Raksha Bandhan express your love and gratitude to your sibling by ordering Rakhi gifts online for them. These gifts may include rakhi chocolate gifts, rakhi with sweets, rakhi combo for bhaiya and Bhabhi, and many others. You can even order same day flower delivery if you forgot to pre-order any gift for your loving sibling. Make all the possible efforts to make this 22nd August a memorable day by cherishing the love-hate relationship between you and your siblings.

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