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Present selection based on the type of Anniversaries

Present selection based on the type of Anniversaries
Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Anniversary is a day that is celebrated exactly a year or a number of years after a special or important event. These are annual celebrations that are arranged in memory of something important that happened on that specific day. Anniversaries these days are no more restricted to the celebration of one’s marriage. For people these days plan get-togethers both for joyous as well as sad occasions. These may include anniversaries ranging from the celebration of someone’s birth to occasions in someone’s memory.

All these anniversary get-togethers deserve to be celebrated in the most alluring manner. You can even play your part by ordering gifts for the organizer or your loved one. These gifts may include anything from delicious cakes to alluring flower arrangements. All these gifts should be selected either based on the recipient’s choice or the type of occasion you are going to. Given below are some of the gifting ideas based on the occasions.

1.   Wedding anniversary

Marriage is a sacred ritual that ties a couple in a bond of eternal love and togetherness. This wedding day can religiously be celebrated every year on the exact same day of the event. If it is your wedding anniversary then you can surprise your beloved with a captivating photo cake, beautiful flower arrangement or personalised cushion with your favourite photo printed on it. Similarly, on the wedding anniversary of your loved ones you can select gifts like flower bouquets, chocolate hampers, indoor plants, or personalised mugs.

2.   Birth anniversary

Birth anniversaries are commonly known as birthdays and these are one of the most awaited days of the year. For people irrespective of their age prefer celebrating this day with utmost joy. They believe that it is the day to celebrate their life. You can make this joyous moment more delightful by ordering alluring gifts for your loved ones. These gifts may include cakes, handmade chocolates, flower bouquets, gourmet hampers, et cetera.

3.   Death anniversary

If it has already been a year since your loved one has left this moral world and planned his or her journey towards heaven. Then you can arrange a get-together in the memory of their joyous life. In this get-together you can offer a bouquet of fresh and fragrant flowers. For this gathering you can order White lilies, dark crimson roses, Gladioli, Yellow Orchids, Pink carnations, and several others. All these flowers will express your deep love, respect, and longing for the parted soul.

4.   Other anniversaries

There are plenty of other occasions or events that can be celebrated annually. These may include Inauguration of a start-up, celebration of partnership, et cetera. Several couples these days even celebrate their engagement anniversaries and some even prefer celebrating their month anniversaries, which they prefer calling as mensiversary. In all such happy moments you can order delicious cake, flowers, indoor plants, or chocolates.

 The delivery of these anniversary gifts will convey your love and gratitude for your near and dear ones. These gifts can even be attached to a note wherein you can pen down your love and well-wishes for the recipient.


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