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Written by Kritika Sachdev
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I have recently moved out of my parents’ house, where I have joyously spent all my childhood and teenage years. This place is filled with innumerable memories associated with all those years. My life has now taken a huge turn for I had to leave my parent’s cosy and comfortable house, in order to fulfil my dreams. I have always wanted to work as a costume designer with a big and renowned couture. And my dream has come true for I have moved to Delhi in a zest to accomplish my desire. 

Though I am extremely delighted with my capabilities to achieve everything I ever aspired for. Yet moving to a new house is a huge step. For I miss being around my family members. However, my new house was really pretty yet I never received the feeling of calling it my happy place. But soon my perspective changed, when my mother suggested that I should order some Indoor plants for my house. She even recommended happySTEMS for the same. As she has been an ardent nature lover for she has always been in a quest of finding new spots as well as occasions to install more plants in her house. She even mentioned that almost all her plant shopping has been facilitated by happySTEMS by using plant delivery in Meerut.

Without any second guessing I logged in to the happySTEMS website. And based on my mother’s suggestion, I placed an order for four plants, indoor plants to be more precise. These included Snake plant, Ficus bonsai, Jade Plant, and Peace lily. My mother suggested to me these specific plants in an attempt to enhance the aura of my living space. To my utmost surprise my plant delivery in Delhi via happySTEMS was delivered to my doorstep in a week’s time. I was primarily amazed with the packaging in which these plants were delivered. Ever since I have installed these plants in my living space, I have observed a great change in my life.

These little greens have helped me a lot while I was traveling through bumpy roads in my life. For these have provided me with immense mental as well as emotional peace. Moreover, these plants have helped in completely changing my outlook towards life and work. For a change I have started to accept this new house as ‘My Home’. I have even observed a sense of calm and positivity in the aura of my home. 

I could not thank happySTEMS enough for the delivery of these healthy and nurtured plants as a message of love and well-being in disguise. I am looking forward to buying more lush green beauties for every monotonous corner of my dwelling place. 

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