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plant delivery on gold course road
Written by happystems
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Staying in posh locality like Golf course road in Gurgaon can have its own advantages and disadvantages. While you experience the luxury, premium lifestyle and sophisticated amenities, there are chances when you can get irked with unprofessional behavior & overpriced irrelevant products/services. I recently had multiple such experiences while I was looking for online plant delivery in Gurgaon at golf course road. As I tried exploring various fancy outlets on the main road, I found that most of them were either quirky, glamourous or pretended to be sophisticated and experts in their domain. The only similarity was that all of them claimed to be the best place for plant delivery in Gurgaon, even though a few clearly stated their weird conditions for home delivery. It was very evident that the prices were directly related to the location of their stores but the quality of products, availability and conditions for sending plants at home was nowhere realistic and worth paying.

However, after a long week of search, I finally gave up and thought of searching the same online as the concept of online plant delivery in Gurgaon was not alien. I remembered people often talking about such services found over internet and hence, searched for the same. I researched and found happySTEMS, which appeared as a popular company for plants delivery in Gurgaon. They provided home décor plants and indoor plants delivery in Gurgaon, that too with a same day delivery option, which was quite impressive. Moreover, they had hundreds of options in my desired categories like lucky bamboo plants, bonsai plants and other useful office desk plants.

I placed my order and waited for it with mixed feelings. To my surprise, they delivered it on the same day with their professional services and a thank you note for the first order. The excellent quality of plants was accompanied with a small DIY guide for better maintenance of plants. The after sales support, quality and timely services at a very competitive pricing of happySTEMS provided a great value for customers like me. I am overwhelmed with the plant delivery services of happySTEMS in Gurgaon and would definitely recommend to people looking to buy plants online in Golf course road.

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