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Plant delivery in DLF phase 1
Written by Silica Kole
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I am an avid nature lover and always look for opportunities to escape to an unknown natural surrounding at peace. I believe I inherited this fascination towards greenery and plants from my mother, who is a passionate gardener and plant lover. Moreover, after moving to Gurgaon, her love for flowers and lush green plants increased to a different level altogether. Seeing different variety of plants in Gurgaon and noticing multiple types of home décor plants in Gurgaon at various places, she felt motivated to follow her passion with even more dedication.

She began looking for various plant nurseries in Gurgaon or florists in DLF phase 1, where we own a decent sized beautiful house. She travelled extensively, searched for different options and tried talking to multiple flower shops in Gurgaon. But she was either unable to get plants of her choice or was asked to pay a very heavy amount for the not-so-great quality products, which annoyed her. Seeing her disheartened, I thought of helping her by searching for a professional service/company for online plant delivery in Gurgaon. I believed that online plant delivery in Gurgaon should not be a problem as we reside in an urban locality and several start-ups and companies delivered their services/products at the customers doorsteps. After a detailed research and comparison among different service providers, I shortlisted happySTEMS to try their services. Although there were much bigger players in the list, happy STEMS appealed me due to various reasons. Their product range covered all the plants desired by my mother; known for indoor plants delivery in Gurgaon and home décor plants delivery in Gurgaon, they provided quality products at economical rates as compared to the competitors. Moreover, they provided online plant delivery in Gurgaon on the same day of placing the order. Some of my friends shared their positive reviews on social media whereas the profiles of other companies were full of complaints and hatred.

I tried ordering from happySTEMS for the first time and the experience was simply amazing. Since then, my mother and her happiness is unstoppable as she learnt the ordering process and started managing her mini-garden and plants all by herself.

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