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Written by Silica Kole
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In urban areas like Delhi & Mumbai, now most people live in small spaces with limited opportunities to have designated space for each of our interests. A lot of us nowadays nurture interest in growing & keeping Indoor plants. In the wake of our cities getting more polluted on a daily basis, having a system of air purification at home is highly desirable. What is better than natural Indoor Potted Plants to take that job up. Indoor Plants add to the decor of your home, need minimal care and help keep indoor air clean & Fresh.

At, we provide a wide selection of Indoor plants like Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Green Money Plant, Syngonium, Aglaonema, Milt, Scindapsus, Hoya Plant, Ficus Compacta, Bonsai, Potted Bamboos and many more. One does not have to have horticulture know-how for the buying and upkeep of these plants. All they need is a little water, once in while trimming and lots of love. It does not matter if you do have a Plant Nursery around your home, we will deliver the plant right at your doorstep. We provide competitive rates for all the varieties of plants we offer. We hope to change the general perception that plants can be bought at lower rates at only your neighborhood nursery. We offer dedicated after-sales services even after our lovingly grown plants reach your home, this is how we differ from your local Nurseries. 

Plant Care made hassle-free by happySTEMS

We understand that these days our lives are so busy with most members of small urban families spending more of their time outside their homes. In such a situation who will care for your plants? We got that covered too. Not only you can buy plants online from our website but we provide plant maintenance services for your home plants bought from places other than us. All you have to do is Click a picture of the plant & send it to our dedicated Whatsapp Hotline No. +91 8448449480. With our experienced team of Horticulturists & Gardeners, we will be able to suggest the probable solution to the concern or our plant expert can visit the location and provide the needed care for the Plant. The source of the plant can be from happySTEMS or some other site or from your local neighbourhood Nursery, our maintenance service does not discriminate. 

Enjoy the beauty and benefits of your Plants, leave the care to us!

One can book us to send plants in Delhi & Gurgaon to their near & dear as Gifts. Small potted plants make very tasteful as well as environmentally friendly gifts. It shows your caring side towards Mother Nature. All our potted plants have been organically grown using nutritious soil & organic manure. The Pots & Jars in which we deliver the plants are tastefully chosen by us to make prominent decoration pieces at your home. Order online plants today from and start your own Green Haven in your abode. Our WhatsApp based Plant Maintenance service is being currently provided in Delhi & Gurgaon. Please note our Plant Maintenance Whatsapp Hotline No. +91 8448449480. 

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