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Childhood can be monotonous without a sibling. They can both be your unpaid therapists as well as the primary reason for your nervous breakdown. In sort growing up with a sibling is equal to innumerable fights. Though most of these fights are over silly things like taking the remote or who spends most. Similarly, there are uncountable silly reasons siblings can fight on. Some of these reasons are mentioned below, which you can totally relate to.

Remote War

The possession of the television remote is the most fought upon category. This is a cliché issue as both the siblings feel like watching different channels and as soon as that happens, all reasoning goes out the window and the fight commences.

Fight over last bite of any yummy food

Eating the last pizza slice is way more fun and yummier as compared to eating the whole pizza. Thus, the last food item is always the result of fight, as you will always look for situations where you can get the bigger piece but your sibling will neither miss this chance.

Constant struggle to be the parents’ favourite

Siblings often get unequal attention from their parents, though this partiality is often unintentional. This unequal attention can be anything from unequal pocket money to number of hugs or appreciation from the parents. This is another classic reason for the fights between siblings.

Invading privacy

Siblings generally do not understand that the other person might need some personal space. An when this space is not maintained then it becomes the irritating factor or the primary reason for the fight.

Fight over weird nick names

Though siblings have a relationship filled with love and care for the other person. But this love is generally coated with a long list of cute as well as funny sibling names. These names can at times lead to extreme embarrassment. Thus, siblings can fight over this.

Taking another person’s stuff

There is no boundary line between siblings. Everybody does not like to share everything that belongs to them, they can be extremely possessive for it. It can be anything from toys to clothes. Touching each other’s stuff can easily start a full-fledged battle.

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