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I made an elderly couple’s 50th Anniversary special in Pandemic Lockdown

elderly couple’s 50th Anniversary
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I live in Gurgaon. My next-door neighbors are an old couple in their 70s. Before the Pandemic, they used to be elusive at times during the evening; the uncle used to come for a walk at times. Aunty, I have seen mostly during the building functions. Aunty at times has sent me handmade sweets on occasion and invited me over tea at times, but due to my work, I often have to decline. Since the Pandemic has started, they have been confined at home like most of us. They have three sons, and all live abroad, they remotely order necessities for their parents online, mostly dependent on their house help who comes twice a day. 

Since the Pandemic lockdowns have started our source of entertainment has been TV and the Internet, we are now celebrating the special days like Birthdays and Anniversaries at home. I remember last year my elderly neighbors invited us for their 49th Wedding anniversary. So this year as one day my Facebook memories reminded me by showing me pictures clicked from this elderly couples’ wedding anniversary party last year, I remembered that this year it is their 50th Wedding Anniversary. But I can not visit them to wish them. 

As my luck has it, I saw this carousel ad on Facebook of offering Anniversary Combos for couples consisting of a lovely Orchid Bouquet along with Dry fruits at a price that is very reasonable. I hopped on their website to check if the offers were legit, they were. I had this idea of why not I send this bouquet to my lovely oldie neighbor couple? I ordered the flowers online from, and they assured me same-day delivery. Guess what the flowers and dry fruits reached the couple celebrating their 50th anniversary right on time at 6 P.M. The delivery guy from took care to do a contactless delivery. Since I ordered the Anniversary combo bouquet, they sent a lovely anniversary message card. How do I get to know all this, Aunty called me on Society Intercom to say Thank you beta, you are like my own child, so sweet of you for your kind gesture and making their day special. I thought in my mind; actually, I should be thanking the online florist for their prompt same-day delivery system. 

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