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Five amazing ideas for celebrating republic day

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Republic day is a festival that deserves a nation-wide celebration. As it is a very proud day for every Indian for it is celebrated to honor the Constitution of independent India. This year it will be India’s 73rd Republic Day thus it deserves to be celebrated with great zeal and zest. But celebrating with complete enthusiasm does not mean that you must risk your life as well as the lives of people around you. Thus, you can plan a small Republic Day get-together to celebrate and teach younger people about the importance of this event.
There are plenty of ways where you can celebrate Republic Day with the close group of your friends and family. We have listed five ways wherein you can celebrate this auspicious day without interacting with a huge mass of people. Have a look!
Flag unfurled
No Republic Day celebration can ever be complete without a flag unfurling ceremony. This is certainly a crucial ceremony as it indicates that the country has already attained independence. The flag unfurling should also be accompanied with the singing of the national anthem. This will surely be an amazing start to the awe-inspiring Republic Day celebration.
Plan cultural programs
A little glimpse or touch of culture makes every celebration more appealing and enjoyable. Similarly, you can plan activities like Singing of the national anthem or patriotic songs, performance of group folk dance or folk song, or plan a patriotic movie session. All these activities will add more charm to the Republic Day celebration.
Delicious sweets
Republic day is indeed a proud day for all the citizens of India, and no delightful moment can even be complete without the involvement of delicious desserts. The choice of dessert can certainly depend on the host of the get-together. He or she can order a variety of sweets like besan laddu, Kaju roll, chana barfi, Dodha barfi, Kaju rose barfi, Rasgullas, and several others. They can even order a delicious cake, this cake can even be selected based on the Republic Day theme. These desserts will certainly add more delight to an already delightful occasion.
Several competitions
If you are planning to make this celebration really captivating for all irrespective of their age, then you can arrange for several competitions. These competitions can be categorized based on age. Like you can arrange competitions like Fancy dress, flag drawing, or patriotic poem recitation for the young minds. While you can plan competitions like tricolor themed cooking competition, decoration competition, folk dance or song singing competition for adults. These activities should also be followed by a prize distribution ceremony, this will add more interest to the activities. You can conveniently order a variety of Republic Day themed gifts via happySTEMS.
Return gifts
The distribution of captivating return gifts will set a different fan base among children. Though there are a variety of items that can serve as a return gift, but items like chocolates, sweets, personalized mugs, et cetera can completely fascinate the younger minds.
All these activities will make the Republic Day celebration really intriguing for all your guests, especially the younger ones. This will certainly be a great initiative to make them aware and acquainted about the importance of this fortunate day. Like any other day this deserves to be celebrated with all pageantry and splendor.

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