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Father’s Love in Disguise of His Efforts

Father’s love in disguise of his efforts
Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Fathers are the pillar of strength in every child’s happy and secure life. He is a solid shield that protects and guards his family from all the troubles.  He might not be vocal about his feelings but deep-inside he loves all his children equally. He is generally not a believer of expressing his emotions through grand gestures rather he has his own different ways of tell you that he cares.

Here are some of the ways in which fathers express their love.

Making sacrifices

Parent’s do not focus on their own needs rather they cater to their children’s demands and desires. They fulfil all our wishes without even uttering a word of disregard. They put in all the possible efforts so that we could lead a happy and joyous life.

Enthusiastic to change

Flexibility is the key to parenthood. A father generally tries to adapt and change according to the scenario in order to keep his child happy and satisfied, he doesn’t stick to his old conventions and ideologies, rather is willing to change for his family’s collective interests.

Supporting your interests

A father never questions his child’s abilities, instead he stands by his side and support him in his process of evolving. He supports and guides his children in all the possible ways. He always provides his unquestioned support to his children.

Preparing his children

Fathers are generally tough on their children because they want to prepare them for stepping out in the mean world where every other person is self-centred and cruel, but deep inside they love their children unconditionally and have complete faith in them. They always pray for their well-being.

Fulfilling our demands and desires

A father never complaints about his child’s never-ending demands, rather he caters to them all. He even saves money ever since his child is small, for his child’s future. He caters to our emotional, social, psychological as well as financial needs.

Biggest supporter

Fathers are the biggest support system in a child’s life. They support their children in all their feasible demands and decisions. With a father’s wholehearted support, a child will develop stronger self-esteem and a positive self-image. He might at times not support us but is always confident in our abilities. He never ridicules us on our mistakes rather forgives and guide us.

Spends time together

A father looks for various reasons to spend time with his children despite having a really hectic day at work. He tries to spend maximum time with his children and be involved in each other’s lives.

Fatherhood is a fulltime job. A father is never off duty. They will love, care and worry about us even when we’ll grow into complete adults. We will forever be their little children and they will always pray for our well-being. Fathers never express their emotions verbally; their efforts show it all. They are believers of the notion that actions speak louder than words.

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