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Father’s Day Gifting Ideas During Lockdown

fathers day gifting ideas
Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Father are the real-life superheroes! They are those solid shields that protects and guards our family from all the troubles. Papa is the most selfless person you would ever come across, as he never expresses his emotions but ends up fulfilling all your demands and desires. He is that person who protects his children from all the obstacles without even uttering a word. We should never let his efforts go in vain, instead we should always show are gratitude towards him. Let’s put in some efforts to make this Father’s Day a memorable day for him.

Father’s Day is celebrated in most nations world-wide on the third Sunday of June, i.e., it will be celebrated on Sunday, June 20th this year. We should showcase our love and gratitude for him because he deserves it all, for our father’s never left any stone unturned to make us happy and give us the life and luxury we deserve.

Since Father’s Day is around the corners, let’s plan something to honour our father. Here is a list of some incredible gifting idea, that would not expect you to step out of your house during this global Pandemic.

  • Scrumptious cake

Any celebration without a cake seems to invoke a sense of imperfection and lack of joy, this is because cake has the aura that attracts charm and delight. You can surprise your dad on this Father’s Day by either baking a cake yourself or by ordering a Father’s Day cake, you may choose for his favourite flavour of cake from a large variety of cakes like basic vanilla cake, black forest cake, butterscotch cake, pineapple cake, vanilla fruit cake, truffle cake, Oreo cake, KitKat cake and many more. Even a cake of your father’s choice will bring him utmost joy.

chocolate truffle cake

  • Flowering blooms

Dads have a delicate heart; they just pretend to be tough. A blooming flower can even bring him joy. Father’s generally do not spend much on themselves they ignore their needs and desires to cater to our needs, this Father’s Day let’s surprise him in a different way, by ordering Father’s Day flower bouquet. You can choose for your father’s favourite flowers from a wide variety of flowers like rose, lily, daisy, etc. There are a huge variety of bouquets available on the happySTEMS website, these bouquets have unique names like, pink bloom, Warmest Delight, Extravagant Love, etc. Send a pretty bouquet of flowers to your dad so that the flowers could spread calm and love with its oozing sublime fragrance.

flowers bouquet

  • Lush green beauty

Plants are a refreshing gift that are believed to eliminate toxins, provide abundance of oxygen, attract positivity and to be a beautiful decorative prop. Plants can even add charm to boring corners of your house. You can choose plants as a good gift for father. You can send an indoor plant to your father as plants are believed to have an aura that spreads calm.

lucky bamboo

  • DIY greeting cards

Fathers never demand anything from us rather they tell us not to spend much on them. You can create a greeting card to be given along with other Father’s Day gifts. You can pour your heart out in this greeting card. They can experience a sense of utmost joy by seeing your efforts.

  • Gifting hampers

If you have not planned for a good Father’s Day gift that would suit your father’s personality. You can choose from Father’s Day gifts online available on happySTEMS website, where you can choose from a wide variety of combos, these hampers have cake and flowers, cake and plant, flowers and chocolate, plant, teddy and sweets, etc. you can choose depending upon your father’s choice.


  • Personalised note attached to a gift

Fathers never expect anything in return for all that he has done for us. Buying gifts for dad is a good initiative but adding a personalised note to the gifts will be a cherry on top. You can express your heart-felt gratitude and respect for him in these notes. This will add a sense of warmth and care to your gift. Your father will surely be stunned with your gestures.

This Father’s Day surprise your father with your efforts and initiatives. Order gifts online and avoid stepping out of your house, but plan and make this Father’s Day the most memorable day of his life, so that he could cherish these moments forever.

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