Diwali gifts to Travel Down the Memory Lane

Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Festivals are occasions that have a true capacity of bringing people together under the same roof. These are the times when we could celebrate love, togetherness and support. Though there are numerous festivals associated with Hindu culture. Yet Diwali or Deepawali is one of the most awaited festivals. This is the ‘festival of light’, that celebrates the victory of good over evil or light over darkness. It is the festival of togetherness, spirituality and prosperity.

Diwali is a zestful festival that has a lot of memories associated with it. These memories may include everything from deep cleaning the house to relishing delicious desserts and dishes. During this festival people exchange gifts and sweets to kindle the feeling of love, gratitude, affection and togetherness. This Diwali you can easily invoke a sense of nostalgia by selecting the gifts that are linked to a memory. Some of the alluring gifts for your near and dear ones are listed here.

  1. Soan Papdi

There is barely any human that does not have a childhood memory associated with Soan Papdi. For this particular sweet can conveniently be known to have a copyright to be called a must have Diwali sweet. Soan Papdi can even be recalled as an obvious Diwali gift for and by your loved ones.

  1. Personalized gifts

An extra effort is always appreciated. Thus, you can choose a unique way of making your near and dear ones feel loved and cared about. How about selecting a personalized cushion or personalized mug that can be printed with numerous Diwali pictures? On receiving this gift, the recipient will feel a sense of longing and will definitely cherish your gift.

  1. Customized photo cake

You can always plan to go out of the box to bring glee and happiness to your loved ones. This thoughtful gesture does not necessarily mean that you have to put in a lot of effort. You just have to be smart in the choice you make. Like you can order a lip-smacking cake, a photo cake to be precise. You can select the recipient’s childhood Diwali photo to be printed on it. The delivery of this unique yet thoughtful gift will definitely be cherished by them.

  1. Scrumptious sweets

No India festival can ever be complete without the involvement of delectable sweets. These sweets can serve as both prasad or offerings to God and gifts for your loved ones. There is a plethora of sweets that can be ordered via happySTEMS to infuse extra sweetness to this delightful festival. These may include Soan Papdi, Gulab Jamun, Kaju Rolls, Dodha Burfi, Peda, Kaju rose Burfi, Kaju Katli, and many more. You can select your loved one’s favorite childhood sweet to be delivered at this festival. On receiving this particular sweet they could easily recall their childhood obsession.

  1. Gift hampers

Every gift has a unique charm attached to it. This charm increases manifolds when the gift has a list of memories linked to it. You can select a similar gift for your loved ones. This gift hamper can be selected based on their childhood favorites. These may include dry fruit combos, chocolate hampers, sweet boxes, or gourmet hampers.


The delivery of all these gifts has a hidden feeling of love and care allied with these. This feeling can be best expressed by selecting the gifts that can closely describe the memories. You can even add a note with your Diwali gift for your loved ones. In this note you can conveniently pen down your intention for selecting this particular gift. This note will attach a sentimental touch to your Diwali gift for near and dear ones along with invoking a sense of nostalgia. 


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