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Different varieties of cakes for New Year Eve Celebration!

Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Life is too short and unpredictable! People these days believe in celebrating every delightful event of their life. These may include celebration of events ranging from birthdays to promotions. The celebration of all these events has a scrumptious dessert in common. Similarly, every new year celebration is incomplete without a lip-smacking cake. This dessert can be ordered to express your gratitude and appreciation for every merry event of your life during the past year. Thus, starting a new year on a sweet note with a mouth-watering cake will certainly be a thoughtful choice. 

If you are planning to host a New Year’s party on this 31st, then you can select your New Year 2022 cake from a wide variety of these available at the happySTEMS website. This delectable cake should be selected to infuse extra sweetness in the celebration that awaits a year filled with love, prosperity, success and well-being. Order this delicious delicacy from a variety of these mentioned below. For, no Indian celebration can ever be complete without a delectable sweet treat!

  • Photo cake

A New Year’s celebration with your intimate group deserves to be special yet unique. In order to maintain this aura, you can select a photo cake via happySTEMS. You can select a photo that speaks a lot about a moment from the passing year that can be cherished forever. This memory printed on the cake will express the shared bond of love and belonging between all your friends. This cake can be a perfect new year’s surprise for your loved ones.

  • A captivating cake

If you are someone who believes in the originality of things, then you can order usual cakes for your New Year’s celebration. These may include basic cakes in your desired flavour, shape, size and design. All these aspects can be selected based on the size or gathering of the event. These cakes may include both eggless or egg-included variants.

  • Dry cake

The hype for creamy or buttery cakes can completely be ignored by selecting dry cakes. These cakes are the perfect treat for your loved ones if they believe in healthy eating. You can order from a huge variety of these available at the website.

  • Brownies

If you are surrounded by people who are into fitness, then you can order delectable brownies for them. This delicious dessert can either be ordered as a substitute for cakes or can even be ordered as an additional dessert for a New Year’s party. Brownies are certainly a healthy dessert option that is filled with the goodness of protein, dry fruits and nuts. This is the perfect dessert for those who take a resolution for a healthier year ahead. 

  • Smash the cake

Among a variety of other cakes, a piñata cake can never be ignored. As the joy of smashing the crunch chocolates layer for a mysterious center filling is a thoughtful cake for New Year’s celebration. This cake in a way or other represents the rocking entry of us into an unpredicted yet amazing year filled with captivating surprises.


Ordering a lip-smacking cake for New Year’s will be a wise decision to make. This delectable treat can even be sent to your loved ones living in varied cities across India. The delivery of this scrumptious cake will convey your love, well-wishes, care and support for your loved ones. 

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