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Deliver smiles garmented as flowers

Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Spreading love and smiles can be the easiest way to make your loved ones feel special and admired. This effort can best be expressed through thoughtful gestures. How about sending an arrangement of fresh and fragrant flowers? For flowers are the oasis of tranquillity. This is the nature’s bounty that has the capability to provide immense calm and serenity to mankind. The peace provided by fresh blooms will induce a positive outlook on life, along with boosting the energy. Flowers can easily mesmerize anybody merely by its oozing fragrance or beautiful petal patterns. These are ideally the best antidote to stress that results in healthful mood moderations. The delivery of fresh flower arrangements can easily provide a wide smile of love and acceptance on the recipient’s face.

Rather than waiting for a perfect moment to surprise people you love and adore with a beautiful flower arrangement. You can send these blooming delights on any random day just to convey your heart-felt emotions. These flowers should be selected mindfully for the right flower can convey the right emotion to your loved one. But the wrong choice of flower can lead you to the situation of utmost mess and embarrassment. Once the correct choice of flower is delivered to the right person, then your feelings will be conveyed smoothly. On receiving an arrangement of fresh and fragrant flowers, the recipient will observe a genuine smile. This smile may have varied meaning for it can be a smile of satisfaction, acceptance, care, acknowledgement, et cetera. There can be several situations where the delivery of fresh flowers can uplift the mood, resulting in a radiant smile. Some of these are

  1. Get well soon

If your loved one is not keeping well. Then you can send a bouquet of fresh flowers that symbolise speedy recovery. You can choose to send Daisies, Sunflowers, Carnations, Roses, et cetera. These flowers will represent healing, joy, cheerfulness and optimism.

  1. I am proud of you

If your loved one has achieved their small or big goals, then you can congratulate them for their constant hard-work and efforts with a beautiful flower arrangement. You can select from flowers like Irises, pink tulip, lilies, et cetera. These flowers represent admiration, happiness and confidence, pride, respectively.

  1. You are being missed

There can be instance when you might long to be by your loved one’s side. In this scenario you can send them fresh blooms that represent your desire to meet them. You can choose pink or red carnations, white orchids, stargazed lilies, et cetera. These represent unforgettable, loneliness, and romantic desire, respectively.

  1. Forgive me

Sometimes you might hurt someone unintentionally, in these situations accepting your mistake and asking for the pardon is the best thing you can do. This apology can be requested with the delivery of flowers like Daffodils, white tulips, yellow roses, white lilies, et cetera. These mean new beginning, renewal, forgiveness, and guilt, respectively.

  1. Will you be my friend

If you could not gather enough courage to ask someone to be your friend, then you can choose flower deliveries to kindle a friendly relationship. These flowers may be yellow roses, pink lilies, Daffodils, et cetera. They represent Friendship, affection and good wishes, and new beginnings, respectively. On receiving these flower arrangements, the receiver might accept your friendship with a sparkling smile on their face.


There are several other situations where the flowers can bring a wide smile of appreciation on the recipient’s face. You can even choose same day flower delivery in case of urgency. The delivery of alluring flower arrangements will definitely be appreciated by the recipient.

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