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Christmas Cake Ideas for spell-binding Christmas celebration

Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Christmas is the most cheerful and joyous festival that is celebrated during the last few days of the year. This festival marks the birth of Jesus Christ- The Son of GOD. Christmas  is celebrated by one and all across the world. This particular festival is filled with the jubilant spirit and delicious desserts. Among a variety of other desserts, Christmas is incomplete without a delicious cake. This dessert adds extra sweetness to this merry festival. 

Cakes are a vital part of Christmas celebration. The English tradition of Christmas Cake started with a plum porridge that was consumed on Christmas eve. Over the years, this Christmas porridge was turned into Christmas pudding and later Christmas cake. This was the ultimate result as different dried fruits, spices, honey, wheat flour, et cetera were added to the porridge. Nowadays a huge variety of Christmas cakes are baked. They can be light, dark, moist, dry, spongy, creamy, etc. Christmas cakes are even made in a variety of shapes, with frosting, glazing, or garnished with nuts, Choco chips, dried fruits, et cetera. All these cakes are baked a day or two prior to the Christmas celebration. 

We have provided a list of Christmas Cakes that can be ordered for a successful Christmas celebration via happySTEMS. These cakes can be ordered either as a dessert for the Christmas party you are planning to host or as a gift for your near and dear ones. You can conveniently select either of these.

Traditional Christmas cake

As we are quite familiar with the importance of cakes in this festival. We can even trace the important or traditional cakes for this celebration. The chronology may start with plum cake, followed by dry fruit cakes, then dry cakes were even baked by adding special ingredients like rum and whiskey. You can even select your desired dry cake for this festival.

Photo cake

A unique cake will grab the perfect attention in this festival. You can select either your favorite Christmas memory or any Christmas themed photo to be printed on a cake for the Christmas celebration. You can even select your desired flavor for this photo cake. This amazing looking yet exclusive cake will be an amazing surprise for your loved ones.

Beautiful cake with visual

A cartoon cake for any Christmas party is not necessarily a cake with an animated character from an anime. Rather it can be a cake with a captivating Christmas decoration. These may include a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, mistletoe, or any Christmas related scene. The presence of this cake will be truly captivating for your guests or loved ones.

Basic Christmas cakes

If you want to select an ordinary cake for the Christmas celebration. Then you can select your desired flavor, shape, size and design of the cake via happySTEMS. This online bakery even provides a huge variety of cakes both in eggless and egg-included variants. 

A delectable Christmas cake will help keep the festive spirit high. With the start of this festival, we hope that the Christmas spirit of goodwill and love fills the world for a better and brighter tomorrow.

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