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Celebrating Men on this International Men’s Day

Celebrating Men on this International Men’s Day
Written by Silica Kole
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Every year on the 19th of November International men’s day is celebrated. It marks the contributions of Men for the overall society, honouring their hard work, passion, and devotions toward community, family, and economy. On this 19th let us do our part by cherishing the involvement of men in our lives. 

In the hustle of life, we often forget to appreciate people who have secured a special place in our life. This obliviousness is generally limited to males of our lives. On this International men’s day let’s do our bit by making them feel loved and cared about. This special treatment can be applied for not just your father but brothers, husband, friends and uncles. All you have to do is select a gift either based on their liking or the gift that is closely associated with their personality. Given below is a list of ideas for appreciating the male members in your life. 

  1. Lip-smacking cake

A scrumptious cake can never be a doubtful gift choice for your loved one with a sweet tooth. This delicious delight will rather bring immense delight to the recipient. While placing the order for a cake you can select your loved one’s desired flavor of cake from a plethora of these. You can even order customized international men’s day cake by selecting either photo cake or designer cakes. This unique cake will definitely be admired by the recipient.

  1. Spread the Cocoa love

If a cake seems an obvious choice of gift to you, then you can select chocolates for your loved ones. You can conveniently order this bundle of sweetness for your brother. While placing the order you can even select chocolate hampers, imported chocolates, chocolate bouquets, handmade chocolate, and several others. You can even select chocolates like Cadbury, KitKat, 5star, et cetera. This selection is solely based on the recipient’s choice.

  1. Blooming delights

A bouquet of fresh and fragrant flowers will be a nice choice of gift for your husband on this international men’s day. As you can select flowers either based on his choice or the emotion you want to convey. In the latter scenario you can select pink roses to convey gratitude, yellow tulips to appreciate his efforts, blue orchids to appreciate, et cetera. This fresh bunch of flowers will confer your emotions for your husband. You can even select flower arrangements for other males in your life.

  1. Lush green beauties

A well potted and nourished plant can be the best choice of gift for almost everybody. The delivery of this gift will confer your hidden love and care for the recipient. This gift can be selected based on the sense of responsibility in the recipient. If your loved one is a keeper or a disciplined person then you can send them outdoor plants as they require much attention. But if your loved one is quite the opposite then you can order indoor plants for them. As they require minimal care or attention.

  1. Unique gifts

If you are in search of a unique gift, then you can select happySTEMS for personalized mugs or personalized cushions. You can select your desired photo of your loved one to be printed on it. A quote or your thoughts can even be added with this photo, it will add a sentimental touch to the gift. This special gift will definitely bring a huge smile of appreciation on your loved one’s face.


All these gifts can interchangeably be used for some important males in your life. These gifts will definitely deliver immense delight and happiness to them on being admired for their constant love and support. 

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