Blooming delights as a gift for wedding ceremonies

Written by Kritika Sachdev
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A person is surrounded by two types of relations, these may include the relationships they are born with and the one they build over time. In the latter type the relationships are built based on compatibility and understanding. Marriage is one of the most common relations of this type. This is a bond that is shared between two people once they perform a wedding custom. Wedding ceremony is a process wherein two people tie knot of love and togetherness. This ceremony is performed by a priest in the presence of near and dear ones. 

If you are invited to a wedding ceremony of your near and dear ones, then you can select a meaningful yet alluring gift for the newly wedded couple. In a variety of gift options, you can certainly select a well-crafted flower arrangement. This arrangement of fresh and fragrant flowers can be selected based on the emotion you want to convey to the couple. There are several flowers available at happySTEMS that can be used as a wedding gift for your near and dear ones. We have eased out the flower selection process as we have listed some flowers that can swiftly be selected as a wedding gift. Have a look!

  • The classic red

In a variety of flowers, red roses are certainly the most appropriate as well as safe wedding gift option. As this classic symbolizes passionate love and affection. The delivery of this flower will convey your wish for their life filled with love and warmth.

  • Peonies

The delivery of Peonies will convey your wish for a happy married life filled with good luck and success. As these flowers symbolize prosperity, good fortune and happy marriage. This flower is even a good choice for a thoughtful wedding gift.

  • Calla Lilies

This magnificent beauty is a suitable wedding gift choice for your near and dear ones. As this beautiful flower is a traditional symbol of wedding. You can select pink, purple, yellow or orange shades of calla lilies for your loved ones. These beautiful flowers are both regal and elegant.


Though flowers are expressive enough to convey your heart-felt feelings for the newly wedded couple. Yet you can add a note with this wedding gift, wherein you can pen-down your love and well-wishes for them. This note will add a personal touch to your alluring gift for your loved ones. The delivery of this wedding gift will certainly be admired and appreciated by the recipient.

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