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Siblings are the biggest blessing in a person’s life. They expertise in playing numerous roles in your life. From guiding you when you digress from your path, to having your back whenever you are being scolded by your parents. They deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated for their constant support and affection. You should plan and surprise them with your thoughtful gestures.

These may include a letter wherein you can pour your heart-out. This Raksha Bandhan write a letter to your siblings in order to express your love, care and gratitude to them. These letters may include.

Dear sister, thank you for making family get-togethers bearable. For you stayed by my side whenever our relatives bestowed me with innumerable questions, and handling them on my behalf.

When life threw lemons on me you managed to catch them make lemonade for me. Sister you have always used your pun to boost my mood whenever I was surrounded by negative thoughts. You manged throwing my worries away by engaging me in your funny jokes and anecdotes.

Dear brother, thank you for always being by my side through thick and thin. For you have always managed to help me get past difficult situations. And for the times you took care of me like a mother, guided me like a father, and loved me like a sister. You are truly my everything.

Sister you are the most amazing thing that happened to me. Thanks for adding some amazing memories and moments in my life. I am delighted for all the moments we cherished together from late night movies shows to stay-in pajama parties.

I appreciate your presence when I need a shoulder to keep my head and cry on. You were there to give me hope, to give me a reason to live and cherish every moment. I can’t be happier for you are my unpaid therapist. Thank you for your constant efforts and contribution in making this world a happy place to live.

Life without you couldn’t be this amazing and enjoyable. Though you are my baby sister but your end up dragging me to the most entertaining events and concerts. Thank you for taking me out with you on even when I make silly excuses just to avoid socialising. Thank you for sneaking in delicious restaurant food whenever I needed a break from home cooked food. I love you so much for you miss no chance to add colour in my black and white life.

Dear sister, thankyou for being my personal stylish. For always suggesting me amazing outfits to buy and for letting me borrow your clothes and accessories. All your suggestions have always helped me created an amazing personality I have. I always look up to you for unbiased suggestions and guidance.

This Raksha Bandhan try to make best possible efforts to bring delight and happiness to your siblings. You can even order a Rakhi gifts online as a token of your love and appreciation for them. You can start by searching rakhi combo online from the happySTEMS website. These combos may include rakhi and chocolate, rakhi with sweets, and several others. You can even order flowers for your sibling by selecting same day flower delivery, under this your desired flower arrangement will be delivered in the shortest possible time. These small gestures can easily convey your love, support and gratitude for your loving yet (seldom) annoying siblings.

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