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8 Creative Arrangements for your Indoor Plants

8 Creative Arrangements for your Indoor Plants
Written by Kritika Sachdev
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Plants have been mankind’s truest friend, as they provide with two such components without which survival is not possible, these two components are food and oxygen. These plants are no more to be kept outside in the direct light, rather there are numerous plants that do not require direct light and are low-maintenance. Thus, you don’t have to be an expert plant parent.

Little greenery inside the house revitalizes your soul. They not just enhance the interior of your house but also improves the quality of your life. They play a vital role in eliminating the harmful toxins and pollutants present inside our house. Plants even help in stress reduction. Indoor plants provide a great substitute for those who are a great nature lover but could not afford to organize a large outdoor garden either because they lack the space or they can’t even opt for rooftop gardening.

Before buying indoor plants the space for the plant should be finalised, amount of light that space receives and distance of window from the suitable space should be considered. You should always focus on the low-maintenance and easy thriving plants as they won’t demand much care. A good plant arrangement add life to a mundane space.

Here are 8 creative indoor plant arrangement ideas to enhance the look of your monotonous room:

  • White magic

White walls surely add to the space but they ultimately end up looking dreary. You may add planters with small plants because these lush green plants against a white wall look drool worthy. Your room will now look more sophisticated than ever.

  • Add to the blank

If your house has a lot of empty spaces, you can choose a common way in which these empty spaces are filled with pretty plants of varied sizes placed in similar planters. This adds up to the look, as your space starts to look pretty engaging.

  • Minimalism in reign

If you have a cosy bedroom; you should not over decorate it, rather add a tall unconventional looking plant as it will cover most of the empty space. It is a perfect blend of simplicity and style.

  • Stair styling

Stairs are defined by its function and their design element is ignored.

Empty stairs look boring but you may add charm to it by placing a healthy tall plant at the stair landing.

  • Ravishing look for a white bathroom

A boring bathroom can be turned into an exotic space by adding few small plants in white planters. This will add an exotic look to your bathroom.

  • Succulent frame

These are the ideal low-maintenance plants. Just fill a nondraining frame with varied succulents, place them in adequate light and just enough water to keep the soil moist. These frames can be placed on any tabletop to enhance its look.

  • Vertical garden in your room

When you don’t have space in the room but you still want to add lush green colour with no spillage. Vertical planters are both space efficient and practical. The subtle look can be achieved by hanging few plants with irregular spacing. This garden will just require tiny planters with little plants that can thrive with minimum care.

  • Hanging plants, a replacement of decorative lights

Undoubtedly decorative lights add charm to our room but they do not benefit us. If we replace these lights with hanging plants then the charm of the room remains intact along with abundance of oxygen and positivity.

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